Frequently Asked Questions

What is platinum plating?

It more accurately should be called rhodium plating which is a process of electrically plating which is a process of electrically plating the rhodium solution typically over white gold that guard against scratches and gives a more reflective white appearance. It can be used on yellow gold as well.

What does the four C's refer to regarding diamonds?

They represent the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of a diamond.

What is the most important of the four C's?

Cut! Stop in and we will gladly explain why.

Are all diamond certifications the same?

NO! Typically, the GIA certificate more accurately assesses the diamonds characteristics. HRD is a European certification that usually is considered on par with GIA certifications. EGL-USA certifications usually are a bit more lenient in the grading approaches.

Why does white gold turn yellow over time?

Gold in its natural state is yellow. To obtain the white appearance other elements such as nickel are blended with the gold. Over time the natural yellow color returns to the surface area of the item. Normally this occurs due to stimulation by normal wear or applications of heat through sizing or buffing.

How do I clean my gold or platinum jewelry at home?

Any readily commercial jewelry cleaner can be used with a toothbrush. Apply with a vigorous up and down motion then rinse in clean water. A home made version of cleaner can contain 1/2 water, 1/2 lemon ammonia and a teaspoon of Dawn detergent mixed thoroughly and applied with a toothbrush. Remember to rinse thoroughly after cleaning. NEVER use sterling silver cleaner or polish on gold or platinum and vice versa.

What is my birth stone?

January - Garnet February - Amethyst March - Aquamarine or Sky Blue Topaz April - Diamond May - Emerald June - Pearl or Alexandrite July - Ruby August - Peridot September - Sapphire October - Opal or Pink Tourmaline November - Golden Topaz or Citrine December - Turquoise, Blue Zircon or London Blue Topaz

What methods of payment do you accept?

DNS accepts cash, checks, credit and debit cards. We also accept gold, silver and platinum scrap to trade toward a purchase. * DNS also offers 6, 12 and 18 months interest free financing with approved credit. ** Items can be put in layaway for up to 10 months with a payment being made each month.

What is my Anniversary stone?

YEAR : STONE 1 : Gold Peridot 2 : Garnet 3 : Pearl 4 : Blue Topaz 5 : Sapphire 6 : Amethyst 7 : Onyx 8 : Tournaline 9 : Lapis Lazuli 10 : Diamond 11 : Turquoise 12 : Jade 13 : Citrine 14 : Opal 15 : Ruby 16 : Peridot 17 : Carnelian 18 : Cat's Eye 19 : Aquamarine 20 : Emerald 21 : Iolite 22 : Spinel 23: Imperial Topaz 24 : Tanzanite 25: Silver 30 : Pearl 35 : Emerald 40: Ruby 45 : Sapphire 50 : Gold 55 : Alexandrite 60 : Diamond